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Judgment Day; Dems Scramble to Find Way to Pass Death Care [UPDATED]

With the latest polls looking rather grim for the Democrat seeking election to the seat formally held prisoner by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, Congressional Democrats and the White House scramble to put together some way to get Death Care rammed through without needing to face cloture with the possibility of a Senator Scott Brown voting ‘NO’. They’ve discussed budget reconciliation but that maneuver would strip the guts out of their Death Care bill. They’ve discussed rushing through a compromised bill while delaying certification of Brown by the Massachusetts Secretary of State thereby allowing their political stooge, Sen. Paul Kirk, to cast the required ‘Yes’ vote on cloture. And now they are actually considering bringing the Senate bill to a vote in the House. Of the three proposals, only the third has a viable shot at achieving their goals.

Attorneys for the Republican Party have been painstakingly going over legal language in Massachusetts law which provided for the current Senator by Special Appointment, Paul Kirk, to be seated and have come to the conclusion that after a winner is declared in the Special Election being held today, Kirk will no longer be a United States Senator. The language in Massachusetts law only provides for an appointee to be seated in the Senate “until election and qualification of the person duly elected to fill the vacancy.”

The Weekly Standard explains…

But in the days after the election, it is Kirk’s status that matters, not Brown’s. Massachusetts law says that an appointed senator remains in office “until election and qualification of the person duly elected to fill the vacancy.” The vacancy occurred when Senator Edward Kennedy died in August. Kirk was picked as interim senator by Governor Deval Patrick.

Democrats in Massachusetts have talked about delaying Brown’s “certification,” should he defeat Democrat Martha Coakley on Tuesday. Their aim would be to allow Kirk to remain in the Senate and vote the health care bill.

But based on Massachusetts law, Senate precedent, and the U.S. Constitution, Republican attorneys said Kirk will no longer be a senator after election day, period. Brown meets the age, citizenship, and residency requirements in the Constitution to qualify for the Senate. “Qualification” does not require state “certification,” the lawyers said.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been any challenge of either candidates’ qualifications to sit as a United States Senator especially since both are current office holders in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So an attempt to rush a bill to the floor of the Senate before Brown can be seated is not a viable plan for Democrats. They would still be at least 1 vote shy of cloture on a Compromise bill.

So budget reconciliation is not an option and rushing a compromise bill is equally non-viable. That only leaves passing the Senate bill in the House. But can it?

For those on the far left who want more than the Senate bill allows it may be a difficult pill to swallow. For those who have a pro-life constituency to answer to, it may be an even larger pill.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D MI-1) authored an amendment to the House bill which gained enough majority votes to pass their version of the bill. Remember, that bill very narrowly passed gaining only 2 votes over the required 218 for passage. Without a similar restriction on federal funding for abortion I doubt some who voted for the House bill based on inclusion of that amendment would be willing to vote for the Senate bill. And any changes to the Senate bill would have to be returned to the Senate as a compromise bill where 60 votes for cloture will not likely exist after today’s election.

We must also remember that all 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for re-election (or elections to fill vacancies created by retirements) this year. Each House member who votes for this bill will have the daunting task of facing his/her constituents about why he/she voted to pass a bill that a clear majority of this nation does not want. Many members will be thinking of their political futures before casting a vote on Death Care. A vote for passage of Death Care will forever be pinned to those who cast it and spell political suicide come November 4th in most cases.

The Democrat Caucus is already down by 1 vote with the defection of Rep. Parker Griffith (AL-5) to the Republican Party reducing the Democrat Caucus from a 40 vote majority to a 39 vote majority. Many more have chosen the path of retirement rather than the embarrassing thought of facing the voters of their district for helping to pass massive spending legislation in direct contrast to the wishes of the people of their districts.

What a conundrum for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Unless the House passes the Senate bill “as is” the Emperor’s 1st year in office will go down in history as an epic failure. But Nancy seems like she feels that she has the votes to pass the Senate bill in the House.

According to Alex Koppelman of the War Room hosted on the extremely liberal Salon.com…

Given what looks like the impending loss of the party’s Senate supermajority, Democrats have reason to be down in the dumps about healthcare reform. But if that’s the way House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s feeling, she’s not showing it publicly.

“Let’s remove all doubt, we will have healthcare one way or another,” Pelosi said during an event in San Francisco on Monday. “Certainly the dynamic would change depending on what happens in Massachusetts. Just the question about how we would proceed. But it doesn’t mean we won’t have a health care bill.”

Well let me be as equally clear as Ms. Pelosi has been. Should Scott Brown win today’s special election in Massachusetts, Pelosi will need to pass the Senate bill “AS IS” in the House to get her precious Death Care bill. Without it, Death Care is as dead as the Cap and Tax bill.

[UPDATE 1143]

Intrade’s latest numbers has Brown listed at 65.4 which means traders believe that he has a 65.4% chance of winning in today’s Special Election. Coakley conversely is down to 36.0. This doesn’t bode well for Coakley as Intrade is remarkably accurate.

[UPDATE 2 1151]

New numbers out of Intrade has Brown at 70.0 and Coakley at 30.0. It’s not looking good for the Lib-team.

[UPDATE 3 1335]

Newest numbers out of Intrade, Brown tops yesterday’s close of 77.1. Current numbers have Brown at 78.9 Coakley 21.0.

Sen. Brown Means Death Care Reconciliation – How Will “Moderate” Dems React?

Harry Reid is threatening the use of budget reconciliation for the Death Care bill should Scott Brown prevail tomorrow in the Massachusetts special election. Ok… But how will Moderate Dems in the Senate react to that maneuver? How will the Senate’s 2 Independents react? Sanders will likely vote with the majority but what about Joe Lieberman? Will Ben Nelson fall in line? How about Mary Landrieu? Will their sweetheart deals hold up?

Lets face it campers, the American people do not like political tactics and Reid’s use of reconciliation is just that – a tactic. There will be a voter revolt come November should Reid et al attempt this stunt even if it were to fail. Yes I said fail.

Reid had better hope that he definitely has 51 votes for passage if he uses reconciliation. It is my opinion that many of those who would vote for the bill if brought to the full Senate in regular fashion would not support the bill in reconciliation. And what about the House?

Rep. Charlie Rangel has already publicly stated that negotiating with the Senate is like negotiating with a gun to their heads. The use of budget reconciliation restricts what can be in the bill. Is it likely that all of the points required by House members will make it into a reconciliation bill? I doubt it. So not only will negotiating with the Senate feel like negotiating with a gun to their heads but they will be blind folded, gagged, and restrained. So can an agreement which could pass the Senate in reconciliation pass the House? And if it could squeek by the House can it actually get 51 votes in the Senate?

A New York Congressman is predicting more political shenanigans to pass Death Care. How about a slow count in Massachusetts for starters?

Rep. Eliot Engel opines

The tell us that it takes 10 days to count the vote in Massachusetts, so I’m sure they’ll be doing a very slow count.

The American people have spoken numerous times about the political maneuvering that those entrenched in Washington’s power frequently use is no longer acceptable. Maybe it would go over in previous decades but in the new information environment they cannot hide from their own words or their own deeds.

If the Senate uses this political maneuver to get this passed in direct contradiction to the wishes of the American people, even more previously thought secure seats for the Democrats will be in danger. Don’t think for one moment that those Democrats who have been firmly cemented in their seats are willing to follow Harry Reid down into the abyss of political irrelevancy. Many of them do not already have deals to become members of the Obama Infestation after their life in Congress. Nor do any of them have deals that would bring them to lobbying firms because they expected to be in their seats for a few more terms.

Reid is going to lose his seat and everybody except Reid understands that. Boxer is in danger in the very blue state of California. Dodd’s seat in Connecticut, another extremely blue state, is in no way shape or form a certainty for anyone let alone a Democrat at this point.

CNN is reporting that the Emperor’s advisers are even finding ways for him to cover his political arse. Failure in Massachusetts marks the 4th major political failure of his rule. He failed in Copenhagen twice. He failed campaigning for Corzine in New Jersey, and now he’s failed in Massachusetts.

Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told party officials that they believe Democrat Martha Coakley is going to lose Tuesday’s special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years, several Democratic sources told CNN Sunday.

The sources added that the advisers are still hopeful that Obama’s visit to Massachusetts on Sunday – coupled with a late push by Democratic activists – could help Coakley pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown.

However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in the last three days about Coakley’s chances after a series of missteps by the candidate, sources said.

Real Clear Politics has video of the Emperor being heckled at the Coakley rally yesterday. You can’t make out what the heckler is shouting but it was enough to irritate Coakley supporters and take Barry out of his rhythm.

If anyone actually believes that “Marsha” Coakley (as Rep. Patrick Kennedy calls her) has a snowball’s chance (in Al Gore’s politically motivated global apocalyptic nightmares) of pulling out a victory, they need some heavy medication.

Equally, if anyone believes that Reid’s scorched earth style political tactic to pass this bill in spite of overwhelming opposition to it among the American people is the right path toward maintaining political power, they need locked up.

Massachusetts Democrat Political Shenanigans Almost As Bad As Chicago’s

In the run-up to the 2004 elections, the late Senator Ted Kennedy convinced Democrat leaders in Massachusetts to play political games with how a vacated seat is to be filled. Because at the time the state’s governor was a Republican (Mitt Romney), Kennedy and company feared that John Kerry’s seat would be filled by a Republican appointee. Instead of having an appointee fill the seat until the term expired, Kennedy and company got the law changed so that the appointee would only fill the seat until a special election could be called. Since Kerry lost the election, the point was moot but the change was already made.

Fast forward to the present…

Kennedy passes and now there is a scramble to hold on to power yet again being made by Massachusetts Democrats. Late last year before Kennedy expired a move was made to change the law back. See, Mass has a Democrat governor at present and an appointee made by him would be a Democrat. Problem, they were prevented from making the change because it was seen as political shenanigans.

NOW a Republican is looking as if he could beat the Democrat nominee for the seat and the current Democrat leadership in Massachusetts is poised to play more games by delaying the seating of the winner of next week’s special election to fill Kennedy’s seat. The reason? The current appointee (Paul Kirk, Jr) represents the 60th vote for cloture in the Senate and has said that he would vote for cloture even if the Republican (Scott Brown) prevails in the special election.

Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are being executed to the letter in Mass apparently.

Brown has vowed to vote against cloture and his opponent Martha Coakley have vowed to vote in favor of cloture. It seems to this blogger that if Massachusetts is announcing now that they do not intend to seat the ultimate victor in next week’s special election immediately, that tells me they are willing to bypass the Will of the People yet again.

Many voting for Brown next week will be doing so specifically to block Obama’s Death Care bill. The decision not to seat the winner of next week’s election immediately is a political tactic that may have an even greater long-term negative impact for the Democrat Party.

As Massachusetts Dems play games, the Obama Infestation is looking to rush the Death Care compromise through both houses to minimize the destruction come November. If Independent voters nationwide see these moves in Massachusetts in context even more Democrat candidates will be looking for new work come next January. Seats once thought bulletproof for the Democrats are already in play. Many more could join them.

Chicago Politics And the Man With the Middle Name Hussein

For the 22 month period leading up to the 2008 Presidential election, bloggers on the right as-well-as Conservative talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh warned of the dangers of electing a product of the corrupt Chicago Democrat Machine. But you did it anyway.

Cartoonist – Gary Varvel

The history of Chicago politics is a sordid tale of corruption, graft, and in some cases murder. In Chicago politics more resembles Al Capone’s mob than a civilized political system. The recent trouble surrounding Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is just the most recent episode from Chicago-land. Keep in mind that anything in Illinois politics that gets done does so at the will of the Mayor of Chicago. It is just the way that it is. If the Mayor doesn’t want it, it doesn’t happen.

Link – Blagojevich Arrest Fits Tradition in Illinois, Land of the Plea

Cartoonist – Eric Allie

The fact is Obama didn’t come out of Chicago untainted. He’s hip deep in the Rezko scandal. He’s still not adequately explained his connection with William Ayers. And now that the election is over, Rev. Wright is back on the warpath spewing his hatred of all things white.

Let’s not be too willing to accept Barry’s assertions that he had nothing to do with Blagojevich’s actions. A report from a television station in Quincy has mysteriously disappeared after being featured on The Drudge Report. The report documented Barry’s meeting with Blagojevich the day after the election. Not involved Mr. President-Elect? Somehow I doubt that.

Link – What did Obama know … and when did he know it?

Link – TV station reported Obama met with Blagojevich

Now that a Chicago Machine insider has been caught, the rest of the machine is turning their backs on him. Obama is now calling for his resignation and the Dems in control of the Illinois Legislature are in talks aimed at arranging for a special election to fill Obama’s seat. This has even prompted US Senate Democrats to warn Governor Blagojevich to not announce an appointment.

Link – Obama Calls on Blagojevich to Resign

Link – Support Builds for Special Election to Fill Obama’s Senate Seat

Link – Democrats urge Ill. gov not to make appointment

Blagojevich is not unique in Chicago politics. He is just the most public example. The goal of all Chicago politicians is to pad their bank accounts. He just was the one who got caught. Every single joke uttered over the centuries about politicians are true of each and every Chicago politician. They are all on the take, they are all looking for more power, and they all answer to a boss, Richard M. Daley.

Blagojevich made a mistake when he falsely believed that he was the boss. I wouldn’t be surprised that if it eventually is made known that the tip off about Blagojevich’s actions originated in the Mayor Daley’s office.

As for the man with the middle name Hussein, I predict that he will have even more scandals than Slick Billy Bob Bubba had. And let’s not forget Mrs. Clinton when we talk of Chicago corruption, she was born there. She may be the Junior Senator from New York, the former First Lady of Arkansas, but she was born in Chicago, IL. Don’t think for a moment that this fact has escaped the notice of the machine and it’s most visible member – Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama – Reagan Comparison? News-weak Writer Must Be Stealing from Barry’s Stash [UPDATED]

News-weak writer Eleanor Clift is making some rather far fetched comparisons about Barry Obama. Since the election, we’ve been treated to comparisons of ‘The Chosen One’ as being another JFK, FDR, and Lincoln (this one is a stretch as well), but Clift in some sort of narcotic induced hallucination actually is making the case that Barry O may be a new Reagan?!? This is the sort of fantasy that is produced only if the writer has been visiting the next President’s street grade pharmacist. The next thing you know Clift will be making a pilgrimage to Switzerland where voters just approved government controlled prescription heroine.

From News-weak:

Enough with the Lincoln analogies; Reagan is the president that Barack Obama is most closely modeling himself after. Ronald Reagan inherited stagflation, a defeat abroad and a nation at its nadir in morale. Through the sheer force of his personality as much as his policies, four years later, it was “Morning in America,” the theme of his 1984 re-election campaign when he won 49 states. Obama isn’t president yet, but his determined calm and orderly transition pace appear to be soothing the financial markets, producing the first sustained gain in stocks since the mid-September meltdown.

It is a good thing that Clift as-well-as the rest of Liberal-land don’t require facts before making statements in the here and now. History revision is the biggest tool of the trade for liberal Amerika. Forget about the huge losses since November 4th and concentrate on a single 5-day period.

From USA Today:

The Dow has rallied 17% during its current five-session win streak — its best five-session run since 1932. The rallies coincided with Obama-related news and public appearances where he introduced his economic dream team and sent a clear message that he’ll do whatever it takes to repair the economy.

That would be good news if it were to remain out of context. But if you place that 5-day period in context, you will notice a near 2000 point steady free-fall since the election before the rally which sparked the 5-day 17% gains.

The credit crisis is the source of the down-turn in the economy. A crisis which was sparked by the collapses of the housing market. A collapse which was in turn caused by a Carter era federal mandate on the housing market and lending institutions and largely ignored by the DemocRAT leadership. Not to mention fueled by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae from whom the future President took hundreds of thousands of dollars to ignore problems.

Liberals in the main stream media and on the net can live the Utopian fantasy that Obama is going to be the savior of all things secular but then there is the truth. He is about to destroy this country. Our only salvation is the structure under-which our government operates. Our only savior truly is the Constitution.

In 4 years we have the opportunity to send him back to Chicago which is on track to be the home of more non-domestic related homicides than a war zone.

Another Reagan, I don’t think so Ms. Clift. Perhaps you and Barry O had better lay off the “blow” and take an honest look at history. Ronald Reagan oversaw the longest sustained period of economic growth in American History. Barry O is likely to be another Jimmy Carter if anything. As-a-matter-of-fact I predict that the happiest person in America come November of 2012 will be Carter because he will no-longer be known as the worst President in American history.

Take a look at the long-term history of the dow before you believe anything that the Obama drunk MSM says about King Barry the Great.

The measly 5-day gains attributed to Barry in context.

Hat Tip: Newsbusters


On the day in which Barry O has made his nomination of Sen. Clinton to become his Sec. of State, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages plunge an additional 679.95 points, or 7.70%, to 8149.09, the S&P 500 slumped 80.03 points, or 8.93%, to 816.21 and the Nasdaq Composite fell 137.50 points, or 8.95%, to 1398.07. But according to the liberal media, Obama is the savior of the economy. Seems to me that with every new announcement from the man with the middle name Hussein, comes more dire news from Wall Street. Some savior.

Waiting for ‘Change’? Well Don’t Hold Your Breath

As Barry O continues to slowly select his inner circle, one thing is standing out more than any other – these people look awful familiar.

During his campaign we heard nothing resembling substance but rather a lot of undefined rhetoric about ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’. We assumed that he meant that he was going to ‘Change’ the face of Washington and how it does business. At least that is the assumption that those of us on the right have about those who fell for that steady load of male bovine excrement that he was dishing out in his protracted 21 months of speeches masquerading as a political campaign.

Instead of reaching into a pool of previously unknown individuals, Mr. Obama is resurrecting Clintonian Infestation zombies. From his Chief of Staff to his pick for Attorney General, the Obama Infestation is resembling the Clintonian era more by the day.

Barack Obama made “change” the mantra of his presidential campaign. But when it comes to appointees, his team doesn’t reflect much change from the Bill Clinton era.

Of the 47 appointees named so far to transition or staff posts, 31 have ties to the Clinton administration, including all but one member of the 12-person Transition Advisory Board.

Transition chief John Podesta served as Clinton’s chief of staff from 1998 to 2001.

Other Clinton-era appointees include former Deputy Secretary of Defense John White, former State Department official Wendy Sherman, and former deputies to National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Defense Secretary William Perry, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Politico.com reports.

Also on the Obama team are transition adviser Michael Froman, who served as Rubin’s chief of staff, and Christopher Edley, who served Clinton and is married to a former Clinton deputy chief of staff.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a senior adviser to Clinton, has been named Obama’s chief of staff.

Obama is reportedly even considering Hillary Clinton for the Cabinet post of Secretary of State. SOURCE

emphasis mine

During the campaign those of us on the right were warning that election of undefined ‘Change’ would be dangerous. Now I’m afraid that the danger may lie within the masses who voted for Mr. Obama without knowing who and what he is.

Obama is so fearful of being tied to his socialist past that he refuses to dip into the pool of people that he truly wants to hold the posts that he’s currently making selections for. His true ambition is to select William Ayers for Sec. of Education but he can’t. He can’t because his past ties to Ayers have been exposed and he’s already on record denying them. He can’t because the American people have become reacquainted with Ayers, his radical socialist views, and is terrorist past. Remember – he who controls the youth has the future. It is Obama and Ayers who wish to pollute the minds of the youth in order to bring about an unachievable socialist utopia the empty promise of which has led to the downfall of dozens of countries and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people since the beginning of the Soviet experiment.

He can’t make the selection for Treasury that he truly wants because of socialist ambition. And the same could be said about State. In short, his plan has been foiled. His plan was to get elected without any light being shined on his true ambitions. His plan was to fool all of the people all of the time and he nearly accomplished that. This is the reason why he is reverting to Clintonian Infestation has-beens for his inner sanctum. He can’t have those he truly wants, so he’s selecting the failures of the past whom the ignorant public believes to be successes.

The recent Zogby poll that showed the ignorance of the average Obama voter this election cycle is a warning America. It is a warning that we can no longer be apathetic to the inner workings of Washington. We all must become political junkies and keep a watchful eye on the empty suits that we’ve allowed to be elected.

This same electorate actually believes that Barry O is capable of fulfilling his election promises because they are ignorant to the actual inner workings of our government. They haven’t a clue as to what is contained in the Constitution. The separation of powers is foreign to them and believe that it is the President who “rules” from the oval office.

The results of the 2008 election is a warning. A warning about the increasingly biased reporting of the leftist press and their unwillingness to expose the truth about leftist politicians. The election is a warning about the ignorance of the electorate and a need to educate the masses about who they are voting for before they vote. It is a crime that only 2% of Obama voters could answer Zogby’s polling questions 100% correctly. And one must wonder, if that 2% knew all this about the candidates before they voted, why is it they still voted for Obama? They must be part of the greater conspiracy to resurrect and institute the ambitions of the Communist Party in America.

The Election The Media Won

The 2008 Presidential Election is going to go down in history as the election that was decided by the Main Stream Media and you lemmings fell for it. Republicans as a Party allowed the New York Times to select our Nominee. McCain was dead before the Times endorsed him in the Primary. CNN threw softballs to McCain before he became the apparent nominee. In the end, his friends in the press played pit bull on McCain and attacked him. Shortly after securing the necessary delegates to win the Nomination, the same New York Times attacked the very candidate they endorsed.

Barry Obama’s path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was paved with the dead bodies of aborted babies and heralded by the Main Stream Media which did nothing but cover-up and make excuses for Barry and his ultra liberal (and even terrorist) buddies.

The electorate of this nation has shown with this election that they haven’t the capacity to learn from our own history. There was another young man who ran for the Presidency and won without defining himself. He too was elected on the heels of an unpopular Republican President. That President went on to be THE most ineffective chief executive in our nation’s history. Under Jimmy Carter’s watch the unemployment rate skyrocketed to double digits, interest rates were in excess of 20%, and inflation was also in double digits. Jimmy too got himself elected without definition. A ‘Change’ candidate from the ‘corruption’ of an unpopular President Nixon.

When you fail to define your candidate before electing him to a position of power, you are playing with some dangerous elements. In Germany there once was a very charismatic character who ran for Chancellor based on ‘Change’. Germany too was in dire economic straights due to its loss in the first world war. Adolf Hitler led Germany out of its economic woes but at what cost? Over 100 million dead.

Instead of Jews Barry Obama blames unborn babies and they are his target for extermination. Barry will be in a position to appoint 2 replacements for the very liberal Ruthy Ginsburg and John Paul Stevens – who has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel).

So America, during the next 4 years as jobs are eliminated due to Barry’s aggressive tax plan and interest rates begin to climb to combat inflation, and the cost of living rises as a result of the rise in taxes Barry is seeking to pay for his massive social experiment, as health care in this country goes the way of the British and Canadian systems where you have to wait 6 – 12 months to have a medical procedure, remember one important thing. YOU ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN.

You people disgust me. Because you could have prevented the screwing that we are all about to receive. But instead you allowed yourself to be influenced by Chrissy Matthews and his tingly feeling up his legs. You spineless lemmings allowed your guilt for America’s past influence your vote and voted for a man’s skin color in spite of his lack of character. America, you truly deserve what we are about to receive.

Liberals Beware… Take a Lesson from the Past

Democrats should take a look at history before they lull themselves into a comfort zone based upon increasingly inaccurate polls. According to Republican strategist and former Bush Adviser Karl Rove there have been 177 polls conducted (as of the 24th) in this election. At this same point in the 2004 election only 55 polls had been conducted. Problem lies in the fact that the numerous college run polls haven’t the ability to accurately sift through the collected data and decipher accurate voting trends.

Professional pollsters have themselves been all over the map in predicting the likely outcome of this race and none of them are remaining consistent from day to day so why would anyone choose to believe any of the current batches of polls?

In 1948 the Chicago Tribune was so sure that Thomas Dewey defeated Harry Truman they printed a front page layout declaring so. Unfortunately for the Tribune, Truman won that election.

So liberals, you may want to re-think your confidence level going into the last 8 days of this election. And likewise, Conservatives don’t count John out yet. He has an uncanny ability to come back from the dead.

Note: If you truly want to watch a poll that is more accurate than the others… Try THIS poll. It was the most accurate poll in the 2004 election.

Muammar Gadhafi: Obama a Muslim who studied in Islamic schools

From WND

I can’t say anything to make this any clearer than his own words.

“There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama.

“All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man. They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.

“We are hoping that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith, and that [he will know] that he has rights in America, and that he will change America from evil to good, and that America will establish relations that will serve it well with other peoples, especially the Arabs.”

But no, he’s a Christian remember?

Gadhafi lamented over some comments that Obama made when visiting Israel in June.

“Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” Barack Obama June 4, 2008

About which Gadhafi said…

“But we were taken by surprise when our African Kenyan brother [Obama], who is an American national, made statements (about Jerusalem) that shocked all his supporters in the Arab world, in Africa, and in the Islamic world.

“We hope that this is merely an elections ‘clearance sale,’ as they say in Egypt – in other words, merely an elections lie. As you know, this is the farce of elections – a person lies and lies to people, just so that they will vote for him, and afterwards, when they say to him, ‘You promised this and that,’ he says: ‘No, this was just elections propaganda.’ This is the farce of democracy for you. He says: ‘This was propaganda, and you thought I was being serious. I was fooling you to get your votes.’

“Allah willing, it will turn out that this was merely elections propaganda. Obama said he would turn Jerusalem into the eternal capital of the Israelis. This indicates that our brother Obama is ignorant of international politics, and is not familiar with the Middle East conflic.”

The lesson we must take from this admission by Gadhafi is that the jury is still out on the genuineness of Obama’s Christian faith. Fact is that his religious preference when documented in Indonesia as a child was Islam a fact that Obama has steadfastly refused to directly explain.

Two other concerns pop out in the context of Gadhafi’s comments…

1) Is the Muslim world funding Obama’s quest for the White House?
2) Is Obama eligible to even run?

The answer to question 1) won’t be answered until the election process completely plays out. Unfortunately the Republican Nominee refuses to to engage Obama on these types of issues. However, the answer to question 2) may be locked in federal court. There is a case currently being heard as to whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is actually a citizen of the United States. His campaign has been ordered to produce his birth records, including any “file copies” that may show that he was actually born at a hospital in Kenya not Hawaii. This same case is also pursuing the case of his Indonesian citizenship. If the court sides with the plaintiff, a Democrat by the way, it could be proven that Obama is not even eligible to be a United States Senator and therefore guilty of election fraud. Hopefully this case will conclude before the November 4th election. Somehow I doubt that Obama’s supporters would be as enthusiastic about voting for Joe Biden as they are about voting for Barack Obama.

A third question is, where is the Main Stream Media’s coverage about Gadhafi’s comments? They are instead relentlessly hounding Joe the Plumber on behalf of their lord and savior Barack Hussein Obama.

Brunner, ACORN, Voter Fraud, and the Man With the Middle Name Hussein

Chief ACORN and Obama ally Ohio Secretary of State Jane Brunner has petitioned the US Supreme Court in an effort to appeal a ruling out of the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati which in a sense has told Brunner it is time to do her job. The 6th Circuit this week ordered Brunner to verify the validity of voter registrations amid allegations of voter fraud conducted by liberal activist group ACORN.

One report out of Cleveland suggests that at least one man was encouraged by ACORN voter registration canvassers to register as many as 73 times in exchange for cigarettes and money. Other allegations against liberal voter registrations efforts suggest that out of state residents have actually been bussed into Ohio in an effort to vote fraudulently taking advantage of a Brunner manufactured and Ohio Supreme Court loophole which allowed new registrants to register and vote in the same day.

Now that a federal appeals court has ruled that Brunner now must do her job and enforce election laws in Ohio, she is crying foul and running to the US Supremes hoping they would side with her attempts at assisting ACORN in buying this election for Barack Hussein Obama.

Because I’ve mentioned election buying on behalf of the man with the middle name Hussein, I must in all honesty put my voice on the record as noticing all that he is doing to buy this election.

First, he has contributed a large sum of money to ACORN for their efforts to pollute the voter registration ranks with ineligible voters.

Next, he agreed to take public financing but then he would be subjected to spending limits and that would effect his ability to buy this election so at the last possible moment, after Sen. McCain agreed to take public financing as well, conveniently changed his mind (as if he actually has one) and opted out of public financing. This is a sense hamstrings McCain to spending limits and allows Obama to use his mass appeal and rock star status to continue to raise funds and spend those funds in his efforts to defraud the American people of a fair election.

Next, the Main Stream News Media which is overwhelmingly in the tank for the man with the middle name Hussein has been polluting the minds of the Politically Apathetic American Lemmings who have suddenly found themselves registered to vote multiple times in their own, as well as, other states. This puts an new meaning to the old saying, “vote early, vote often”.

I’ve been rather silent about these fraudulent activities as of late because of an emergency in my family which has had me away from home for 20 days now. But rest assured, I will be here should Obama win this election to remind you all that I’ve told you so. And should he lose this election, I’ll be here to remind you of his efforts at buying this election when he cries foul as his two previous predecessors have.

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